Do Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away

Do Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away – Answered

Do Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away? This frequently asked question arose after an Instagram user shared a viral video featuring hacks for repelling mosquitoes, including the use of bubbles.

Given the abundance of rain we experience every summer, mosquitoes may become a nuisance, and everyone wants a way to repel and keep mosquitoes away.

In response to providing a hack for repelling mosquitoes, a mother on Instagram revealed a technique to repel these insects using bubbles, which MosquitoVibe TEAM examined for validity.

So, I did research to ascertain whether bubbles are truly effective in warding off these bloodsuckers or not.

So today this article will delve into the matter and answer the question whether Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away or not. So read, for the answer and also learn five proven hacks that repel mosquitoes.

Do Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Do Bubbles Keep Mosquitoes Away

No, bubbles don’t really keep mosquitoes away, but there a more efficient method to keep these pests at bay such the use of mosquito repellant, spray, lavender and many more

When spending time outdoors during the summer, people often resort to citronella, candles, and copious amounts of bug spray to fend off mosquitoes.

An Instagram video, viewed nearly half a million times, asserts that bubbles possess the desired effect. But is this claim accurate?

We sought validation from reputable sources, such as the Cleveland Clinic, Terminix, and Dr. Floyd Shockley, an entomologist at the National Museum of Natural History.

Shockley opines that bubbles, regardless of their type, lack any specific properties that would significantly affect mosquitoes.

How do mosquitoes locate humans?

Mosquitoes locate humans by sensing the carbon dioxide we exhale and our natural body odors.

Dr. Shockley explains that certain individuals are inherently more appealing to mosquitoes, and the presence of a different scent nearby, such as that of soapy bubble solution, does not alter their attraction.

In fact, according to the Cleveland Clinic, the floral scents commonly found in bubble-making soaps can actually attract mosquitoes.

Our Findings

So based on our investigation with reliable authorities, MosquitoVibe confidently asserts that bubbles do not repel mosquitoes.

However, upon revisiting the aforementioned viral video, we find a potential solution for keeping mosquitoes away: the bubble machine. Surprisingly,

It is not the bubbles themselves but the accompanying fan that could be helpful. Mosquitoes dislike flying in windy conditions due to their poor maneuverability.

Consequently, the presence of a fan in a specific area has been known to reduce mosquito populations, as confirmed by Terminix, a reputable pest control company.

Fans can disperse carbon dioxide and odors that mosquitoes rely on to locate their human targets.

4 Effective Hacks to Repel Mosquitoes

Now that camping season is here, it also means dealing with annoying insects. Nothing spoils a perfect camping spot like a swarm of pesky mosquitoes attacking you.

While traditional bug sprays and candles can be useful, they have their drawbacks. Some people are wary of using sprays due to chemical concerns.

Moreover, these sprays may wear off quickly, especially in sweaty conditions, making them less ideal, especially for children.

Fortunately, there are innovative methods to keep mosquitoes away when you’re camping, and the best part is that you likely already have the necessary items on hand or have planned to use them during your trip.

Here are four hacks that keep mosquitoes away.

Harness the Power of Herbs

When you’re camping, you’ll likely be grilling or cooking over an open fire. Did you know that some ingredients can repel mosquitoes?

For instance, burning rosemary acts as a natural deterrent. If you’re cooking steak or chicken, toss a few sprigs of rosemary onto the grill.

Not only will it enhance the flavor of your food, but it will also keep bugs at bay while you prepare your meal.

Enjoy Bubble fun.

If you’re camping with kids, engage them in a bubble-blowing activity! It could be as simple as providing them with bubble solution or investing in a bubble machine.

This enjoyable pastime keeps children engaged while deterring mosquitoes from their vicinity.

Why does it work? Mosquitoes dislike soap-based solutions. By blowing bubbles around your campsite, you create an environment that repels them.

For added effectiveness, consider adding a small amount of lemongrass oil to the bubble solution.

You can even turn it into a game of “mosquito hunters” for the kids, making their bubble-filled fun even more exciting!

Use a fan or the wind.

Do you have a portable or standing fan in your RV? Take advantage of it to blow mosquitoes away.

Even a small fan attached to the exterior of your vehicle can make a significant difference.

Apart from keeping your campsite cool, it will create a barrier that mosquitoes cannot overcome.

Due to their light weight and weak wings, mosquitoes struggle to fly in wind gusts exceeding 10mph.

Use the Vanilla Solution.

Disguising your natural scent can help prevent mosquito bites. Vanilla, with its soothing and potent fragrance, is an excellent option.

Create a simple repellent spray by mixing a couple of teaspoons of natural vanilla extract with a cup of warm water.

Spray this solution on your body to naturally repel mosquitoes. Not only will it keep these pests away, but you’ll also smell delightful, akin to a freshly baked treat!


As you can see, deterring mosquitoes doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and it doesn’t require an arsenal of bug sprays.

Incorporate these do-it-yourself strategies into your next camping trip to ensure that mosquitoes don’t ruin your day!

Thus, we can confidently conclude that the use of a fan aids in deterring mosquitoes. This information has been verified to the best of our ability.


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