Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews (2023)

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY specializes in outdoor mosquito, tick, and flea control services, offering flexible options ranging from one-time visits to regular barrier treatments.

The company’s goal is to ensure its North Shore Island customers can enjoy their outdoor spaces without the constant annoyance of pests. Their top-notch services have earned them a place on Forbes Advisor’s list of best pest control companies.

One of Mosquito Joe’s most popular treatments is the barrier spray treatment, wherein trained technicians visit the yard every 21 days to treat the perimeter and targeted areas where mosquitoes may be living and breeding.

For those seeking a natural approach to pest control, the company also offers natural mosquito control using all-natural products derived from plant oils.

In addition to their renowned barrier treatments, Mosquito Joe provides more permanent solutions through misting systems, creating effective barriers against mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in outdoor spaces, ensuring the protection of customers, their families, and pets.

In today’s post, we’ll take a holistic and unbiased review of Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY. So make sure you read to the end, to find out what mosquito Joe has for you

North shore long island Customers Benefit

Customers benefit from Mosquito Joe’s money-back guarantee, which ensures their satisfaction.

In case of repeat infestations shortly after treatment, the dedicated technicians promptly return to re-treat the area, and eligible refunds may be provided if the problem persists.

With Mosquito Joe’s expert services, North Shore Long Island residents can relish their time outdoors without worrying about pesky pests.

Pros Of Choosing Mosquito In 

  • Satisfied Customers: Positive feedback, high satisfaction.
  • Trustworthy: Money-back guarantee, reliable policies.
  • Efficient Service: Prompt and courteous.
  • Mosquito Joe’s re-treatment and refund guarantee adhere to industry standards.

Cons Of Choosing Mosquito Joe in :

  • Inconsistent Quality: Varying service levels in different locations.
  • Limited Pest Coverage: Primarily focuses on mosquitoes and standard pests.
  • Administrative Problems: Scheduling and billing issues.
  • No On-Site Inspection: Quote without on-site assessment

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What Sets Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island Apart

Mosquito Joe North Shore, Long Island, NY, is highly recommended for mosquito control, offering a wide coverage area, tick and flea treatments, and natural ingredient repellents. They provide clear explanations of treatment options, making it easy for customers to choose.

Mosquito Joe conducts mosquito sprays every 21 days, targeting mosquitoes, larvae, and viable eggs to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.

Their preferred insecticide is a synthetic form of pyrethrins called pyrethroids, derived from Chrysanthemum flowers and known for their powerful insecticidal properties.

After treatment, customers need to wait for the product to dry completely, typically 20–30 minutes, before safely enjoying their deck, pool, and yard mosquito-free. Mosquito Joe prioritizes efficient and safe mosquito control solutions.

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Features And Services Offered:

Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY—your go-to experts for keeping pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas away from homes and businesses

You Get Accurate Quotes:

Unlike other mosquito control services, Mosquito Joe uses satellite images to give you precise quotes based on your property’s size and needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Mosquito Joe is confident in their services and offers a money-back guarantee. If mosquitoes come back within two weeks after treatment, they’ll re-treat the area for free. If the problem persists, you may even get a refund.

Eco-Friendly Options:

If you care about the environment, Mosquito Joe has you covered. They offer natural treatments made from plants. These are better for the Earth but might need more frequent re-treatments.

Special Services for Special Events:

Planning a party or event? Mosquito Joe can help with one-time services customized for your venue, whether it’s your backyard or a nearby park.

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes:

Mosquito Joe also installs mosquito misting systems, giving you long-term protection and peace of mind.

Enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes; choose Mosquito Joe for reliable and straightforward mosquito control in North Shore, Long Island, NY.

Pests Treated By Mosquito Joe

At Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY, they take care of outdoor pest problems around homes.

They offer specific treatments for various pests, including

  1. Ticks
  2. Fleas
  3. Bees
  4. Dragonflies
  5. Flies
  6. Butterflies
  7. Chiggers
  8. No-see-ums

Their team is skilled at dealing with these pests, making sure your outdoor areas are bug-free and enjoyable.

Product And Services

 The following are the products and services rendered by Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY:

Special Event Treatments:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY, offers special event treatments to keep outdoor celebrations like graduation parties, weddings, and barbecues mosquito-free, ensuring a bite-free experience for guests from setup to the last dance.

Residential Tick Control and Barrier Spray:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

The company provides tick control services that protect pet owners and families from disease-carrying tick bites, creating a comfortable and safe outdoor space. They use barrier spray treatments to add an extra layer of protection to their yards.

Natural Pest Control Options:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

Mosquito Joe offers two natural pest control options: an all-natural garlic spray and a botanical treatment made from essential oils like lemongrass and rosemary. These centuries-old remedies effectively ward off mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, ensuring a pest-free yard.

Flea Control for Pet Owners:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

Understanding the importance of flea prevention for pet owners, Mosquito Joe provides flea control treatments to protect both pets and humans from flea-borne diseases. Their thorough application covers borders, dense grass, and overgrown shrubs.

Commercial Pest Control:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

Apart from residential services, Mosquito Joe caters to businesses such as restaurants, daycares, parks, and veterinary offices with outdoor spaces, offering commercial pest control solutions. By eliminating pests, they enhance customer comfort and boost business.

Effective Residential Barrier Spray:

Mosquito Joe Of North Shore Long Island NY Reviews

The company inspects properties for mosquito larvae and applies water-based pesticide barrier spray treatments, effectively controlling mosquito populations and providing weeks of mosquito-free living for homeowners.

Customer Reviews for Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY

Review by Teresa Sebelist:

I highly recommend Mosquito Joe for their exceptional customer service. They inform you in advance about their visit, making it really convenient to enjoy my yard without worrying about mosquitoes.

Review by Amanda Cisko:

I want to express my gratitude for the thorough inspection that Mosquito Joe conducted on my property. Thanks to their excellent service, we can now have fun outdoors without being attacked by mosquitoes. I wholeheartedly recommend this company, especially if you live in mosquito-prone areas like the estates. Their top-notch customer service is worth every penny.

Review by Bill Katman:

I had the pleasure of having Zac visit my home recently. His promptness and professionalism were impressive, and he did a thorough job. I’ve been a customer of Mosquito Joe for three years, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a mosquito or tick since. As someone who has experienced Lyme disease multiple times, I am grateful for their services, and I believe they are definitely worth the investment.

Review by Tara Hernandez:

Mosquito Joe is the key to reclaiming your yard! After trying several other companies and spending hundreds on bug sprays and foggers, we finally discovered Mosquito Joe. Since using their services, we haven’t needed any other products. We can now comfortably play with the kids in the grass without getting bitten, even though we live next to a river where bugs used to be a constant problem. I highly recommend asking for Judy, who is not only the nicest person but also provides clear and perfect explanations of the entire process.

Review by Laura McGrath:

Mosquito Joe has become our ultimate backyard peace of mind. Their great customer service and attentiveness to our concerns have impressed us. We trust them completely to keep our yard mosquito-free, allowing us to fully enjoy our outdoor spaces.

Mosquito Joe of the North Shore, Long Island, NY Address

Location: 30 Newtown Rd., Plainview, New York 11803


Phone: Service: 631-458-5810
Franchise sales : 1-855-564-6563

Customer Support And Reviews

Customer Satisfaction at Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY

1. Specialized Expertise

When it comes to mosquito control services, finding numerous positive reviews across different online platforms is not uncommon due to the specialized nature of this field.

One company that truly stands out in this regard is Mosquito Joe. Their consistent high level of customer satisfaction sets them apart.

2. Punctuality and Courtesy

Despite their work being primarily conducted outdoors, Mosquito Joe’s technicians have earned praise for their professionalism and punctuality.

While a few reviews did mention minor billing and scheduling issues, overall, customers expressed their satisfaction with both the field technicians and the office staff.

3. Dedication to Excellence

Although Mosquito Joe’s standard mosquito treatments are highly effective, some reviews mentioned their willingness to offer re-treatment when necessary.

Customers noted the company’s prompt response and dedication to resolving concerns, showing their commitment to quality service.

4. A Transformative Experience

For those who sought Mosquito Joe’s assistance, their summers underwent a remarkable transformation.

The once bothersome presence of mosquitoes became a thing of the past, allowing for carefree outdoor activities even in humid conditions.

The decision to engage their services left customers wishing they had done so much earlier.

5. Unparalleled Effectiveness

Reviewers overwhelmingly lauded Mosquito Joe for the unparalleled effectiveness of their treatments.

Thanks to their services, outdoor spaces became mosquito-free havens, enabling customers to fully enjoy their surroundings without any disruptions.

How Much Does Mosquito Joe Cost?

Understanding the pricing of Mosquito Joe Of North Shore, Long Island, NY can be a complex task, given the unique aspects of each property and pest scenario they encounter.

Nonetheless, we evaluate their services using standardized criteria, with a particular focus on their transparent pricing policies and their dedication to empowering customers to manage their costs efficiently.

Complimentary Evaluations

In line with other players in the mosquito control industry, Mosquito Joe offers free consultations to potential customers before presenting a quote.

While they may not conduct on-site inspections, they leverage online satellite images to provide a precise and accurate estimation of the price.

No-Cost Follow-Up Service

One of the notable advantages of choosing Mosquito Joe is their provision of free re-treatments as required, ensuring any concerns arising from the initial application or dealing with biting mosquitoes between scheduled visits are promptly addressed.

Yearly Contract

Mosquito Joe is explicit in stating that customers are not bound by long-term contracts.

However, they do stress the importance of regular applications, as they are instrumental in achieving more effective and satisfactory outcomes in mosquito control.

MosquitoVibe And Team Verdict

Mosquito Joe of North Shore, Long Island, NY, widely known as a prominent pest control company, has rapidly ascended to the forefront of the industry.

Renowned for its cost-effective solutions, this company also offers various optional add-ons to cater to additional home service needs.

Their expertise extends to both natural and chemical treatments, with a specialized focus on delivering exceptional outdoor pest control services.

Final Thoughts

As the leading mosquito control provider in North Shore Long Island, NY, Mosquito Joe stands out with its comprehensive range of effective mosquito control solutions, catering to diverse needs and occasions.

Whether it’s regular monthly barrier treatments or specialized one-time services for special events, Mosquito Joe goes the extra mile by also offering tick and flea protection, ensuring a complete outdoor pest-free environment for their valued customers.

Notably, their MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee exemplifies their dedication to customer satisfaction and delivering an enjoyable, mosquito-free outdoor experience that sets them apart from the rest.


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