Mosquito Joe Reviews: Does It Worth The Investment?

Mosquito Joe Reviews: Does It Worth The Investment?

Introducing Mosquito Joe, a recently established enterprise that has quickly gained recognition for its highly effective mosquito treatments.

This company offers a diverse array of services tailored to suit your lifestyle and property needs. Whether you require special event treatments or regular barrier solutions,

Mosquito Joe is dedicated to ridding your property of mosquitoes. For those seeking chemical-free alternatives, they also provide all-natural treatment options, prioritizing the well-being of your yard. Above all,

Mosquito Joe’s paramount concern is the satisfaction of its valued customers, ensuring they can relish their outdoor spaces without constant pest disturbances.

What Sets Mosquito Joe Apart, And What Services Do They Deliver?

Mosquito joe reviews

Mosquito Joe is highly recommended for mosquito control with a vast coverage area, tick and flea treatments, and natural ingredient repellents. They offer clear explanations for treatment options, making it easy for customers to choose.

Mosquito Joe conducts mosquito sprays every 21 days, targeting mosquitoes, larvae, and viable eggs to ensure long-lasting effectiveness.

Their preferred insecticide is a synthetic form of pyrethrins called pyrethroids, derived from Chrysanthemum flowers, known for their powerful insecticidal properties.

After treatment, wait for the product to dry completely, typically 20-30 minutes, before safely enjoying your deck, pool, and yard mosquito-free. Mosquito Joe provides efficient and safe mosquito control solutions.

So, Are Mosquito Joe Treatments Safe for Dogs?

Absolutely! Mosquito Joe assures that their pest control services are completely safe for dogs. Their standard barrier spray treatment contains a powerful mix of pyrethroids, which not only eliminate mosquitoes on the spot but also create a long-lasting repellent effect.

This treatment is highly efficient against other bothersome pests like fleas, ticks, flies, and gnats, making it an excellent choice for protecting both kids and pets.

Rest assured, Mosquito Joe uses water-based products that are all EPA-registered, ensuring they won’t harm the plants, wildlife in your yard, or your beloved pets.

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Pros of Choosing Mosquito Joe:

  • Consistent positive customer feedback, ensuring high customer satisfaction.
  • Mosquito Joe’s commitment to providing a money-back guarantee strengthens customer trust.
  • Customers frequently commend the company’s efficiency and courteous service.
  • Mosquito Joe’s re-treatment and refund guarantee adhere to industry standards.

Cons of Choosing Mosquito Joe:

  • Expansion through franchising may result in inconsistent service quality across different locations.
  • The company’s services cover a standard and limited list of pests, common among mosquito control companies.
  • Some customers reported administrative issues related to scheduling and billing.
  • While offering innovative approaches, Mosquito Joe does not provide an on-site inspection before issuing a quote.

Features and Services Offered:

Mosquito Joe primarily focuses on controlling mosquitoes, but they also offer comprehensive treatments for ticks and fleas on residential and commercial properties.

Free Inspections:

Similar to competitors in the mosquito control field, Mosquito Joe provides a quote based on property descriptions. 

However, what sets them apart is their innovative use of satellite images to offer more accurate quotes.


Mosquito Joe stands behind its services with a money-back guarantee. If mosquitoes persist within two weeks of treatment, the company will promptly re-treat the area. 

If the problem persists, a refund for the most recent treatment may be issued.

Eco-Friendly Treatments:

In addition to standard mosquito treatments, Mosquito Joe offers natural alternatives made from plant-based ingredients. Customers opting for this option should note that more frequent re-treatments may be necessary.

Additional Services:

Mosquito Joe caters to special events with one-time services, providing sprays tailored to the venue, be it a yard or a nearby park.

The company also offers installation services for mosquito misting systems.

Other Benefits:

Special Event Treatments:

Mosquito Joe’s special event sprays ensure a pest-free outdoor gathering. Perfect for parties, weddings, barbecues, or any outdoor event, these treatments create a worry-free atmosphere for guests.

Commercial Services:

Mosquito Joe extends its pest control services to businesses, offering protection against biting insects for outdoor spaces such as restaurants, community centers, country clubs, and more.

Environmentally Friendly Services:

In alignment with the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Mosquito Joe prioritizes low-risk outdoor pest control.

They utilize pet-friendly pest control services and promote eco-friendly pest management solutions like traps, baits, and natural products.

Fine Print:

As one of the largest outdoor pest control companies, Mosquito Joe operates franchises across the United States.

Some customers have reported inconsistent service quality due to the franchising model. Additionally, Mosquito Joe exclusively offers outdoor pest control services and does not address indoor infestations.

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Pests Treated by Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe’s services are tailored to address pests found outside of residential properties. They have a specific set of offerings common among mosquito control companies, which includes treatments for:

  • Ticks
  • Fleas
  • Bees
  • Dragonflies
  • Flies
  • Butterflies
  • Chiggers
  • No-see-ums

Mosquito Joe’s Availability Across States

mosquito Joe Reviews

With active branches in 39 U.S. states, Mosquito Joe has a wide presence throughout the country. You can find their services at:

  1. Alabama
  2. Arizona
  3. Alaska
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Delaware
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Illinois
  11. Indiana
  12. Iowa
  13. Kansas
  14. Kentucky
  15. Louisiana
  16. Maryland
  17. Massachusetts
  18. Michigan
  19. Minnesota
  20. Missouri
  21. Nebraska
  22. New Hampshire
  23. New Jersey
  24. New York
  25. North Carolina
  26. North Dakota
  27. Ohio
  28. Oklahoma
  29. Pennsylvania
  30. Rhode Island
  31. South Carolina
  32. Tennessee
  33. Texas
  34. Utah
  35. Vermont
  36. Virginia
  37. West Virginia
  38. Wisconsin

Customer Support and Reviews

A Note on Customer Reviews

Assessing pest control companies through online reviews can be challenging, given the prevalence of negative feedback outweighing positive ones.

However, by carefully examining both positive and negative reviews, consumers can gain insights into a company’s overall performance trends.

Notably, mosquito control services often accumulate numerous positive reviews on various online platforms due to their specialized nature.

Among these companies, Mosquito Joe stands out as it boasts a consistently high level of customer satisfaction.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Despite operating primarily outdoors, Mosquito Joe’s technicians have garnered praise for their courteousness and punctuality.

While a few reviewers mentioned minor issues related to billing and scheduling, overall, customers expressed satisfaction with both the field technicians and the office staff.

Commitment to Quality

Though the standard mosquito treatments are highly effective, there were limited mentions of Mosquito Joe’s willingness to re-treat when necessary.

In cases where re-treatment was required, reviewers noted the company’s promptness and willingness to address concerns.

Mosquito Joe transformed our summers! Now, we can freely play, relax, or dine outdoors, even in humid conditions.

The remarkable difference in mosquito control has left us regretting not seeking their services sooner.


Reviewers highly praised Mosquito Joe for the effectiveness of their treatments, allowing customers to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the usual mosquito disruptions.

Mosquito Joe Complaints & Customer Reviews

Rick and Marc demonstrate utmost professionalism and always show genuine concern about the areas of my yard that tend to attract ticks and mosquitoes. I’ve been relying on Mosquito Joe’s services for more than 2 years, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks to them, I can now enjoy my yard at night without worrying about mosquito bites!

The owner of the company has been exceptionally cooperative to work with. The team of employees has consistently been available and delightful to collaborate with. Truly, it’s a top-notch product!

J ShirlJ
I genuinely appreciate the excellent service provided by Mosquito Joe.

Having been a loyal customer for several years, I can attest that Mosquito Joe’s program works wonders. It’s been ages since I’ve been bitten by a mosquito on my back patio.

In this area, Mosquito Joe is the only company that effectively rids us of mosquitos. Their customer service is nothing short of amazing, and they always give a heads-up before arriving.

For over 2 years, we’ve received outstanding service from MO at Mosquito Joe. MO is well-versed in the areas that require attention and ensures the job is done right. Thank you, MO!

The service provided by Mosquito Joe is truly excellent and incredibly effective!

I’ve been a loyal customer for years, and I absolutely adore this service. I once tried going without it a couple of years ago, but after just one month into the season, I couldn’t resist calling them back. Not using their service made a noticeable difference, and I just wanted to enjoy my backyard without the annoyance of itching.

 How Much Does Mosquito Joe Cost?

Measuring cost can be challenging due to the unique factors involved in each property and pest situation.

However, we assess companies based on standardized criteria, mainly focusing on their transparency in pricing and the ability of customers to manage costs.

Free Inspections

Similar to its competitors in the mosquito control industry, Mosquito Joe provides free consultations before offering a quote.

Although they may not conduct an on-site inspection, they utilize online satellite images to provide a more accurate pricing estimate.

Free Follow-Ups

Mosquito Joe offers free re-treatments as needed, addressing any issues with the initial application or handling biting mosquitoes between regular visits.

Yearly Contract?

Mosquito Joe explicitly states that customers are not obligated to enter into long-term contracts. Nevertheless, they emphasize that regular applications yield more effective results.

MosquitoVibe and Team Verdict

Mosquito Joe may be relatively new among pest control companies, but it has swiftly risen to become an industry leader.

Offering a range of affordable services, the company provides additional home services as optional add-ons.

They are proficient in both natural and chemical treatments, focusing exclusively on outdoor pest control services.

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Conclusion on Mosquito Joe Reviews

As a top-tier mosquito control company, Mosquito Joe offers a diverse selection of mosquito control options suitable for various occasions.

From monthly barrier treatments to one-time special event services, their solutions also extend to tick and flea protection, ensuring customers can enjoy outdoor spaces without the worry of biting pests.

The MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee demonstrates their commitment to customer happiness and a mosquito-free outdoor experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Mosquito Joe’s Worth It?

Mosquito Joe stands out as an excellent choice for mosquito control services due to its extensive coverage area, inclusive tick and flea treatments, use of natural ingredient repellents, and clear explanations of available treatment options.

How Many Times A Month Does Mosquito Joe Spray For Mosquitoes?

Every 21 days, a highly trained professional from Mosquito Joe will visit your premises to administer a comprehensive treatment targeting mosquitoes, larvae, and viable eggs. 

The treatment covers the perimeter, foliage, and other potential mosquito breeding areas.

What Insecticide Does Mosquito Joe Use?

Mosquito Joe utilizes synthetic forms of pyrethrins, known as pyrethroids, for their traditional barrier spray chemicals. 

These pyrethrins are organic compounds extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers and boast potent insecticidal properties.

How Long Should I Wait After Mosquito Joe?

Following a barrier treatment, it is essential to allow the product to dry thoroughly before venturing outside. Depending on outdoor conditions like temperature and humidity, we advise waiting for a minimum of 20–30 minutes.

Once the product has fully dried, you and your loved ones can safely enjoy your deck, pool, and yard without any concerns.

What Types Of Pests Does Mosquito Joe Eliminate?

Mosquito Joe provides effective treatments to eliminate a wide range of pests, including ticks, fleas, bees, dragonflies, flies, butterflies, chiggers, and no-see-ums.

Are Mosquito Joe’s Pest Control Services Safe For Pets?

Absolutely! Mosquito Joe’s pest control services are entirely pet-safe. They utilize water-based products, all of which are EPA-registered, ensuring no harm to your yard’s plants, wildlife, or beloved pets.

How Much Can One Expect To Pay For Pest Control Services?

The cost of pest control services typically ranges between $250 and $600 for a single treatment, depending on your location and the specific type of pest issue you are facing.

For regular pest control services, you might incur expenses of approximately $100 to $300 on a quarterly basis or $45 to $75 per month.


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