Mosquito Shield Reviews

Mosquito Shield Reviews: My Honest Review (2023 Updated)

Mosquito Shield is a reliable, custom-made spray whose average price per service is roughly half that of competitors. It has one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

Mosquito Shield has garnered high praise as an excellent mosquito control company, with satisfied customers providing highly recommended reviews. 

Their product boasts quick and highly effective results. What sets them apart is their affordability, even though they spray more frequently than most competitors. 

For returning customers, they offer plenty of deals and an annual subscription to keep costs down. 

Features and Services 

Mosquito Shield offers comprehensive services that cover mosquitoes, ticks, and special event treatments. 

With their expertise, you can confidently plan outdoor events without the nuisance of mosquitoes and ticks. Enjoy your yard all season long, worry-free, with a treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

Services Offered: 

  • Mosquito Shield 
  • Tick Shield 
  • Event Shield 

How Mosquito Shield Works

Mosquito Shield uses a proprietary protection blend to spray and treat active areas on your property, such as decks, patios, pools, and swing sets.

This treatment allows you to enjoy outdoor spaces without applying sticky insect repellent or worrying about mosquito bites.

Their trained technicians follow a three-part plan, beginning with the elimination and repelling of existing mosquitoes, creating a protective barrier around your yard.

The wax-based water repellent spray they use conceals the CO2 that attracts mosquitoes. The final step involves applying a strengthening vertical barrier after each treatment. 

To keep your yard mosquito-free, they retreat every 10 to 17 days, based on your preferences. Mosquito Shield also monitors the mosquito population and weather in your area to optimize treatment schedules.

Their treatments include Rain Shield, ensuring protection even during light to moderate rains.

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  • Mosquito Shield uses custom-made sprays. 
  • Usability opportunities are available. 
  • The average price per service is roughly half the price of competitors. 
  • Customers rate them five stars on many review sites. 
  • One of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.


  • Treatments are more frequent than at most companies. 
  • Services are available in less than half of the country. 
  • The money-back guarantee only applies to the first service. 
  • The franchise business model can lead to varying opinions on customer service quality. 
  • Services are not available in many states. 

Regional Locations 

While Mosquito Shield has rapidly expanded since its establishment in 2001, it currently serves 21 states, primarily in the northeast and southeast regions of the United States. 

With 47 locations, they offer franchise opportunities in many states where they are already present. 

How Much Does A Mosquito Shield Cost? 

Mosquito Shield stands out by providing transparency in pricing. Although exact prices are not displayed on their website, they claim an average cost of around $49 per service, nearly half the price of competitors. 

Here is the mosquito shield. Pricing Plan 

  • Event Spray, $149.00 
  • Mosquito Control: $599 plus PA sales tax 
  • Seasonal Tick Control: 3 Payments of $133 (plus tax) 

The company emphasizes affordability without compromising product effectiveness. 

Their services are renewed annually, and they do not lock customers into contracts, offering an unconditional money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers within seven days of the first treatment. 

What Sets Mosquito Shield Apart from others is

 Unique 3-Prong Approach to Backyard Mosquito Control

When it comes to effective outdoor pest control, a well-rounded and integrated management approach is essential. At Mosquito Shield, we tackle mosquito control at its source.

The company has a superb backyard control program that consists of three key elements, supported by our innovative FlexblendTM products.

The company’s goal is to eradicate existing mosquitoes on your property, mask the presence of CO2, and create a powerful virtual barrier that is called the “shield.” 

Eliminate Mosquitoes 

They have developed a proprietary blend for maximum efficiency in responsibly eliminating mosquitoes from your yard, regardless of the season.

If your property is heavily infested, you may notice increased mosquito activity in the first 12 hours as our process flushes them out. 

The Use Of Masking CO2 

The mosquito shield’s focus is primarily on female mosquitoes since they are the ones that require blood to develop and lay eggs. 

Mosquitoes are highly sensitive to CO2, which they use to hone in on their targets from distances of over 100 feet! That’s why our exclusive blend includes a crucial masking agent for CO2. 

Formula that Prevent Mosquito Return 

Its formulation is built around the patent-pending Mosquito Protection Blend (MPB), which adheres to structures and organic matter throughout your yard, creating a protective barrier. 

With each visit, this vertical shield strengthens, effectively repelling mosquitoes, preventing their return, and disrupting the breeding process. 

This forms the core of our comprehensive program, allowing you and your family to enjoy your property outdoors, worry-free, throughout the summer. 

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Mosquito Shield Savings and Deals With Customers

Mosquito Shield keeps costs down with annual service renewals. Early-bird specials are offered at the end of the season, providing savings to proactive customers. 

If you miss the early-bird offers, you can still enjoy a special returning customer rate by early Spring. 

The company provides convenient payment options, allowing you to pay online and spread payments throughout the season or receive a discount for a one-time payment. 

Contact your local branch for a personalized quote. 

Customer Reviews

 Testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of Mosquito Shield: 

I reside near wetlands and always thought there’d be no solution to control those pesky mosquitoes, but your service proved me wrong. It’s truly impressive! 

K. Burns, Plymouth, MA 

When a parent from our preschool suggested Mosquito Shield, I was doubtful. Last summer, mosquitoes ruined our outdoor activities, but this year, it’s been completely different. The children can now enjoy their time outdoors without any mosquitoes, despite having breeding areas nearby. 

B. Garner, Summit Children’s Program, Philadelphia 

My family used to suffer mosquito bites every time we sat on the patio. Then we read about Mosquito Shield in the paper and decided to try it for a special event. Only one person got a bite out of the 30 guests! We were so impressed that we signed up for the whole season. Rick and Tina Brogan are incredibly helpful, and their product works wonders. Highly recommended! 

S. Griffith, Downingtown 

Tina, your product and service are incredible! There was not a single complaint about bugs, and mosquitoes were nowhere to be seen. Let’s talk about service for the entire season. 

K. Topping, Philadelphia 

Last year, we used this service, and it was life-changing. We didn’t have to use mosquito repellent once during the entire summer! 

Doug, Arlington VA

Throughout the whole season, our property was thoroughly sprayed for mosquitoes and ticks. 

Elton, Arlington, VA 

Excellent service! This is our second season with them, and my family and I are delighted with the results. Finally, we can enjoy our backyard without pesky bugs bothering us! Highly recommended!

Steve, Arlington VA

Rick, your service made our wedding a success! Not a single gnat or mosquito bothered our guests. I can’t believe how well it worked. Thank you so much.

Denise Campo, Philadelphia 

Before using Mosquito Shield, we couldn’t let the children play outside or swim in the pool during dusk due to the atrocious mosquitoes. But after the first treatment, we noticed a remarkable improvement. Now, we can have dinner, swim, and spend quality family time outdoors without any worry.

A. Mitchell, Norfolk, MA

Responding to your email about the efficiency of Mosquito Shield—I’ll definitely use it again next year! It was incredibly effective in preventing mosquitoes and other pesky bugs. We only encountered two mosquitoes all summer! Your scheduled visits worked perfectly for us, and I’ve already recommended your service to my neighbors. Thank you for this great invention and service.

E. Pepicelli, North Easton, MA

My Verdict 

For a highly effective and affordable mosquito control solution, Mosquito Shield is an excellent choice. With treatments scheduled every 10 to 17 days, you can enjoy a mosquito-free yard all season long. Countless satisfied customers attest to their quality of service and treatment effectiveness.

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FAQ On Mosquito Shield

Does Mosquito Shield actually work?

Yes. Mosquito Shield is highly effective, and you’ll notice a noticeable difference from the very first treatment. They’re so confident in Mosquito Shield® that the Guaranteed Protection Plan comes with a complete money-back guarantee.

If you ever decide to discontinue the service, simply contact us within seven days of your initial visit, and we’ll issue a full refund.

How long does it take for Mosquito Shield to work?

You’ll see a significant reduction after the first visit, usually within 24 hours. Her licensed technicians will visit your property approximately every two weeks, considering mosquito populations and weather conditions. Treatment intervals can range from 10 to 17 days.

What chemicals does Mosquito Shield use?

Mosquito Shield uses D-allethrin and bifenthrin in their spray. These are pyrethroids effective against various insects, including bees, butterflies, and fireflies.

However, it’s important to note that they can also harm birds that consume contaminated insects and fish in water bodies with chemical residues.

How often does Mosquito Shield spray?

Mosquito Shield continuously monitors mosquito activity and weather conditions, customizing treatments accordingly. On average, Mosquito shield spray is applied every 10–17 days, significantly more than the industry average, ensuring optimal results.

How does Mosquito Shield work?

The three-pronged approach involves killing mosquitoes, masking your CO2 emissions (which attract mosquitoes), and repelling them away from your property.

The spray adheres to foliage, wood, brick, and other organic materials, forming a vertical barrier that strengthens with each visit.

To maximize effectiveness, Mosquito Shield employs FlexBlend spray technology. By monitoring mosquito activity and weather conditions, we adapt our location-based program as needed.

By rotating control products, proactively scheduling treatments, and employing resistance management strategies, we achieve superior results and customer satisfaction.


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