Zaptec Mosquito Reviews: Does Zaptec Mosquito Work

Zaptec Mosquito Reviews: Does Zaptec Mosquito Work?

Zaptec mosquito Killer has received positive reviews and a high rating of 4.8 stars from satisfied customers since it was made available for purchase online last year.

It is a portable and rechargeable bug-zapper and camping lantern that uses LED UV light to attract and kill insects without chemicals or noisy fans.

Given the widespread use of this bug killer among millions of Americans, who rely on it to combat pesky summer nuisances, one might question whether the Zaptec Mosquito Zapper truly deserves its exceptional customer rating of 4.8 out of 5.0.

Let us delve deeper into this Zaptec review and evaluate the product’s features to determine if it genuinely lives up to its acclaim.

In this unbiased review, we will determine if the Zaptec device lives up to its reputation and if it deserves its high customer rating.

What is Zaptec Mosquito?

Zaptec Mosquito Reviews: Does Zaptec Mosquito Work

Zaptec Mosquito Killer is an innovative insect-killing machine that discreetly eliminates bugs, including mosquitoes. Its electric coil swiftly neutralizes these pests upon contact, luring them in with a captivating purple light.

The device can be effortlessly hung or set upright, providing flexibility in its placement. With a quick USB Type-C recharge, you’re equipped to zap bugs and mosquitoes wherever you go.

The Zaptec Mosquito zapper represents an impressive improvement over its predecessor’s design, aiming for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. Its straightforward operation requires only plugging it in to eradicate numerous mosquitoes.

Whether you’re hiking, enjoying a park visit, or relaxing on your deck during warm summer evenings, this bug zapper is a convenient solution.

Featuring a 360-degree UV light, the Zaptek Mosquito Zapper effortlessly attracts and traps biting mosquitoes. Its suction fan dehydrates and eliminates them one by one, without the need for any manual setup.

This secure and cost-effective device can be installed both indoors and outdoors, silently eliminating hundreds of mosquitoes daily while requiring minimal effort and generating little noise.

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Pros and Cons of Zaptec Mosquito killer


1. Efficiency of the mosquito zapper:

This device works wonders and provides a long-lasting solution to troublesome insects. Unlike mosquito repellent sprays, lotions, and coils that lose their effectiveness quickly, this mosquito repellent spray remains efficient for hours on a single charge.

2. Prompt Delivery:

The Zaptec will be promptly delivered right to your doorstep. It is user-friendly and requires minimal setup. Simply place an order from the comfort of your own home and await its arrival.

3. Top-notch Quality:

The Zaptek is meticulously crafted using premium materials, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability.

4. Hassle-free Returns:

In the event that you are dissatisfied with your Zaptec product, you have the option to return it within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund.

5. Cost-effectiveness:

The Zaptek is affordably priced, and the company offers exclusive promotions and discounts.


Only One retailer

The Zaptec product is not available for purchase on popular online platforms like Amazon, Home Depot, or regular grocery stores. It can only be obtained by ordering directly from the company’s official website.

Scarce supply:

Given its popularity and affordable price, there is a risk of the device running out of stock quickly. Exclusive availability is restricted to the official website.

How to Use Zaptek Mosquito Killer

Zaptec Mosquito Reviews: Does Zaptec Mosquito Work

Using Zaptek is a straightforward process that can be easily understood by anyone, without requiring any specialized technical knowledge. In essence, it is a user-friendly device that can be set up effortlessly.

Below are the recommended steps provided by the manufacturer:

Step 1: Begin by charging the Zaptek using the provided micro-USB cable. While charging, the device’s LED indicator will display a red light.

Once the charging process is complete, the LED light will turn green, indicating that the Zaptek is fully charged and ready to be used.

Step 2: Rotate the top switch on the device until you hear a distinct click sound. If performed correctly, a purple LED light will illuminate, signifying that the device is activated and prepared to attract insects.

Step 3: Position the Zaptek in the desired area where you intend to eliminate bugs. Press the second button to activate the mosquito killer function, and allow the device to operate for a minimum of two hours.

Some individuals prefer to deploy it in advance, effectively clearing the area of bugs before their arrival. For instance, you can let the device run in your backyard before you settle down to enjoy the outdoors.

How Does Zaptec Mosquito Killer Work?

Zaptec mosquito killer operates by utilizing LED UV light to attract mosquitoes and other airborne pests to its electric grid.

Upon contact, the pests are instantaneously eliminated through electrocution and subsequently descend into the detachable tray positioned at the device’s base.

The tray can be effortlessly emptied by disconnecting it from the unit and disposing of the deceased insects in a suitable waste receptacle. 

Zaptec mosquito incorporates an integrated 18650 lithium battery that can be conveniently recharged using any USB port, such as those found in power banks, laptops, or wall adapters.

The battery achieves a full charge in approximately 3 hours and can provide power for up to 20 hours of uninterrupted usage in lantern mode or up to 15 hours as a bug zapper. 

Operating the Zaptec mosquito killer is a straightforward process. Simply press the power button once to activate the lantern mode, press it again to switch to the bug zapper mode, and press it once more to power off the device.

In the event of an emergency, a prolonged press of 3 seconds on the power button activates the SOS mode, which emits a flashing distress signal.

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Benefits of Using Zaptec Mosquito Killer 

The Zaptec  mosquito provides numerous benefits for individuals seeking an efficient and safe solution to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying pests. 

Some of these advantages include: 

1. Eliminates mosquitoes

 Mosquito and bug elimination without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, which can pose health risks and harm the environment. 

2. Quiet and odorless 

Noiseless and odorless operation, distinguishing it from other bug zappers that generate loud sounds or emit unpleasant odors during insect elimination. 

3. Portable and versatile 

Portability and versatility, enabling usage both indoors and outdoors. It can be employed in diverse settings such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, patios, gardens, camping sites, or any location where it is needed. 

4. Durable and waterproof 

Durability and waterproof design, ensuring resilience against rain, dust, and corrosion. 

5. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly 

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are due to the utilization of LED UV light, which consumes minimal power and has a prolonged life span. 

6. Multifunctional and convenient 

Multifunctionality and convenience by serving as both a bug zapper and a camping lantern, providing bright light for various purposes. 

7. Easy to use and maintain

Ease of use and maintenance, as it operates with a single button and requires only one tray for cleaning.

Zaptek (Zaptec Mosquito Killer) Key Features: 

Here are the awesome features of Zaptec mosquito killer: 

Highly Effective: 

While other bug killers may require refills, cords, or constant attention, the Zaptec device allows you to relax comfortably.

Utilizing UV light to attract insects guarantees their arrival. Once lured in, the bugs become trapped within the 360-degree fan, eventually perishing due to dehydration.

All of this occurs discreetly in the background, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment. 

360-Degree Rotating Fan:

Zaptec boasts a robust fan designed to rotate in all directions, effectively attracting and capturing a diverse range of flying insects into its internal mechanism. The fan’s immense power ensures optimal performance. 


The Zaptec device offers a seamless user experience with its plug-and-play functionality. No intricate setups or lengthy manuals are required. Simply find a comfortable spot, plug it in, and let it do its job effortlessly. 

USB Cable and Port:

Every Zaptek unit comes equipped with a USB Type-C port and cable, enabling easy recharging for prolonged usage.

What’s more, the product incorporates an innovative battery charging mechanism that allows for charging from various sources, including outlets, car chargers, laptops, and more. 


Thanks to its compact size and sleek cylindrical shape, the device is highly portable. It can be conveniently transported anywhere you desire.

Whether you’re spending the entire evening on the patio or need it on a table, it requires no additional support or connection to walls. Its contemporary design also adds a touch of elegance to any home. 

Mosquito-Attracting Purple LEDs: 

Unlike conventional insect zappers, Zaptec employs purple LEDs to entice mosquitoes. Research suggests that mosquitoes are particularly drawn to various types of light.

As they fly toward the alluring glow, they come into contact with the electric coils and meet their demise. 

Simplicity of Use: 

Unlike many other insect zappers that require users to chase bugs around a room, Zaptec is exceptionally user-friendly and suitable for both adults and children.

To operate, simply plug the unit into an electrical socket or a USB port and switch it on. Charging is a breeze and can be completed swiftly.

How does Zaptec Mosquito compare with other products? 

Zaptec stands out among the various mosquito and bug elimination products available on the market. Numerous comparable alternatives exist, each with their own distinct features and functionalities. 

Here are a few examples: 

Flowtron BK-15D: 

Designed for outdoor use, this traditional bug zapper employs a fluorescent bulb to attract insects and an electric grid to eliminate them. It covers a sizable area of up to half an acre. 

Nevertheless, it possesses drawbacks such as bulkiness and noise levels, while also posing a potential risk to beneficial insects like bees or butterflies. 

Easee Charger:

This EV charger offers a convenient mobile application that allows users to effortlessly schedule charging sessions, monitor energy consumption, and remotely control multiple chargers. 

It incorporates intelligent capabilities like dynamic load balancing, phase detection, and temperature monitoring. Nonetheless, it is pricier than Zaptec and may not be universally compatible with all EV models. 

Zap It!: 

Resembling a tennis racket, this handheld bug zapper operates by administering an electric shock when swatting insects. 

It operates on battery power and incorporates an LED light to enhance visibility during nocturnal bug encounters. 

However, it requires manual precision and effort to effectively eliminate bugs and may not be suitable for use around children or pets due to safety concerns. 

Evidently, Zaptec mosquito killer holds numerous distinct advantages over its competitors. It excels in being portable, rechargeable, silent, odorless, versatile, and user-friendly. 

Additionally, its sleek and contemporary design adds an appealing and stylish touch that sets it apart from other bug zappers.

 Zaptek’s Noteworthy Specifications: 

This groundbreaking device possesses numerous distinct characteristics compared to conventional mosquito eliminators that rely on chemicals or odors such as citronella.

As a result, Zaptek mosquito killer devices are entirely safe for everyone’s use and pose no harm to children or pets. 

The zapper’s technical specifications are as follows: 


  • 1W in Light bulb mode
  • 5W in Zapper mode

Charging port:

  • Equipped with a smart chip to prevent overcharging

IP rating:

  • IPTX6


  • 180lm


  • Rechargeable with a capacity of 2000 mAH 
  • Solar-powered charging capability 
  • 5V USB input for charging multiple devices 

Charging Time:

  • Full charge achieved in 3 hours 

Battery Backup:

  • Provides 8 hours of continuous operation 

Waterproof and Durable: 

  • Designed to withstand water exposure. 

Another notable feature is its compact and portable design. Unlike traditional mosquito repellents, Zaptek can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, making it convenient for travel purposes. 

This versatility contributes to its cost-effectiveness and practicality. 

Zapteks have gained significant popularity due to their extensive range of advantages and advanced functionalities.

Zaptek Pricing and Where to Purchase

To acquire Zaptec, you can conveniently make a purchase on the official website. It is highly recommended by the manufacturers to place orders exclusively through the official website to ensure the authenticity of your Zaptec device.

By doing so, you can also benefit from a substantial 50% discount offered on all orders.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that only purchases made on the official website are eligible for the 30 Day Money-Back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • 1X Zaptek (Alpha Bug Pack) is priced at $39.99.
  • 2X Zaptek (Beta Bug Pack) is priced at $37.99 each.
  • 3X Zaptek (Gamma Bug Pack) is priced at $35.99 each.
  • 4X Zaptek (Delta Bug Pack) is priced at $33.99 each.
  • 5X Zaptek (Epsilon Bug Pack) is priced at $31.99 each.

Customer Assurance: The manufacturer offers a 30-day guarantee on all Zaptec purchases. 

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your Zaptec device, you can simply return it within 30 days to receive a full refund or a replacement, excluding shipping and handling charges.

Why You Should use Zaptek

The Zaptek device acts as your personal insect exterminator, providing an effective solution.

Simply plug it in to activate the UV light, which attracts and traps mosquitoes and flies. Within an instant, these irritating pests are zapped and eliminated.

Investing in Zaptek means acquiring a durable and dependable device that offers extensive coverage for extended periods.

Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark and waving a fly swatter around. With Zaptek, you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and peace of mind for years to come.

Reviews and Feedback from Zaptec Mosquito Customers 

Zaptec mosquito killer has gained significant popularity over an extended period and is readily available for online purchase.

On the official website, numerous positive comments attest to the device’s effectiveness.

Additionally, the bug zapper has garnered favorable reviews on various other platforms.

Like my own review, most purchasers concur that it performs as advertised, effortlessly eliminating mosquitoes.

Here are a few testimonials, reviews, and feedback from Zaptec mosquito users.

Zaptek Mosquito Review 1. “Last spring was exceptionally damp, with abundant sunshine. Mosquitoes were out in full force, diminishing the joy of spending time on the patio. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this insect zapper, but it does an excellent job of reducing pests while we enjoy ourselves outdoors. It is swift to empty and conveniently portable.”

Alan H. from Baltimore, MD

Zaptek Mosquito Review 2 “As soon as I read the testimonials, I realized Zaptec was the genuine article. It employs the same technology as those commercial bug zappers found on restaurant patios that cost thousands of dollars. I have even installed one in each of our bedrooms because we prefer to sleep with the windows open. Whenever we have a barbecue, I bring one outside too. It repels ALL mosquitoes and even attracts flies and other bothersome insects!”

Mark P., from Los Angeles, CA

Zaptek Mosquito Review 3 “I’m reclaiming my season.” I understand that mosquito bites are unpleasant, but they were especially unbearable for me. The bites trigger an allergic reaction, and the ensuing itching and swelling are excruciating. I attempted various creams and lotions, but they caused more pain to my skin than the mosquito bites themselves! Thankfully, Zaptec exists! It enables me to savor the evenings outside instead of being confined like a prisoner indoors.”

Andrew J., from Detroit, MI

Zaptek Mosquito Review 4: My dogs love spending evenings on the deck, but they are constantly bothered by bugs, and they despise it! “I took my Zaptec with me, and it worked wonders. There will be no more mosquitoes, and the pups can now relax in tranquility.”

Jennifer D., from Portland, OR

Zaptek Mosquito Review 5. “At first, I had my doubts about this device, but I must admit that I am thoroughly satisfied with it.” It charges rapidly and maintains its charge throughout the evening. Now, my wife and I can enjoy our time in the backyard without being driven indoors by pesky mosquitoes! Our summer experiences have vastly improved.

” Gary E. from Omaha, NE

Final Verdict on Zaptec Mosquito Reviews

Zaptec Bug Zapper, an ultraviolet light mosquito zapper, is a highly effective and safe solution to combat annoying flying insects during the summer season.

With its light and fan mechanism, it attracts bugs without the need for chemicals, providing bug-free summers with minimal effort. Users have expressed their satisfaction with Zaptec’s performance, debunking any doubts about its effectiveness.

The company’s reliability, positive customer feedback, and limited-time promotional pricing options further enhance its appeal.

Overall, the Zaptec Bug Zapper is a recommended solution for effectively eliminating mosquitoes and bugs, ensuring a pleasant and bug-free environment.


Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about Zaptec mosquito killer: 

Is Zaptec safe for children and pets?

Zaptec is safe for children and pets, as long as they avoid direct contact with the electric grid and refrain from ingesting the device. The electric grid is safeguarded by a mesh cover, preventing accidental contact. Additionally, the device is constructed from non-toxic materials that pose no harm to humans or animals.

How can I utilize Zaptec as a lantern?

To use Zaptec as a lantern, press the power button once to activate the high mode, which offers bright light for up to 20 hours.

Pressing the power button again switches to low mode, providing dim light for up to 40 hours. In case of emergencies, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to activate the SOS mode, which emits a distress signal for up to 72 hours.

How can I charge Zaptec?

Zaptec can be charged using the provided USB cable. Simply connect it to any USB port, such as a power bank, laptop, or wall adapter. While charging, the indicator turns red, and once fully charged, it turns green.

How can I employ Zaptec as a bug zapper?

Utilize Zaptec as a bug zapper by double-pressing the power button to activate the UV mode, attracting and eliminating insects for up to 15 hours. Place the device in areas with a high presence of mosquitoes or other flying pests, such as near water sources, plants, or garbage cans.

How can I clean Zaptec?

To clean Zaptec, detach the bottom tray and dispose of the deceased insects in the trash. If necessary, you can also wipe the device with a moist cloth.


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